The Press-Fit system uses metric size fittings and tube which is made to standard EN10217-7 and EN10312. The stainless steel grade 316L (low carbon) is used for Press-Fit products which means it is highly corrosion resistant.

The Press-Fit system can be used for potable water when using stainless steel grade 316L. This certifies that the product complies with the plumbing code and the relevant standards.


The stainless steel system is the ideal solution for drinking water systems as the 316L stainless steel used is completely hygienic and highly corrosion resistant. For general applications, the standard O-rings made of black EPDM rubber which are resistant to ageing, heat and chemical additives and are particularly suitable for all types of treated water.

The reliable, high-quality components are suitable for heating, cooling, compressed air, oil and diesel lines in the civil, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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The stainless steel Press-Fit system is used in Australia, New Zealand and many European countries for gas distribution systems, with external above-ground pipes, installed inside or outside buildings. It can be used for all types of combustible gas, both natural and liquid.

For gas applications, the O-ring gaskets are made of yellow HNBR which is compatible with common gas varieties used and are resistant to ageing and heat.

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