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Technical Tuesday: Why Are BSP Fittings So Common in New Zealand?

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and have been adopted internationally as they interconnect and seal pipes and fittings by mating a male thread with a female thread. Watch Huntley as he talks about why they are so common in New Zealand.

How We Make Buying Stainless Steel Easy

The Metal Company is your specialist in stainless steel. Customers choose us because our crew is focused on your experience and…

Our Range of Socket Weld Fittings

Socket weld fittings are used with schedule pipe, which fits into the recess of the fitting and then a fillet weld can be used to join them. Watch Frank as he discusses our range of Socket Weld Fittings.

Technical Tuesday: What’s the Difference Between EPDM, FKM & HNBR Seals?

EPDM, FKM and HNBR seals are used with our Press-fit system and have different purposes and properties. Watch Huntley as he discusses the difference between each seal to find out what seal might be right for your application.

Technical Tuesday: What are our BSP to Tube Fittings

BSP to tube adapters are used when connecting BSP with imperial tube as normal BSP weld nipples and sockets don’t work nicely with imperial tube. We stock two different types of BSP to tube adapters. A weld nipple adapter, also known as a reducing weld nipple, and a weld socket adapter, that was developed by The Metal Company. Watch Huntley discuss what BSP to tube adapters are.

Our Range of Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

Cast Iron Butterfly Valves are used in pipelines such as water lines, glycol lines, sewer lines and less frequently in hygienic lines. Watch Patrick discuss more about our range of Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

Technical Tuesday: How To Measure RJT Fittings

RJT Fittings are measured according to the size tube they fit. It is often mistaken that the outside diameter of the fitting is the size of the Weld Liner or Male Part, but that is not the case. Watch Huntley go through how to correctly measure your RJT Fittings.

Technical Tuesday: How To Measure Tri Clover Ferrules

Tri Clovers are measured according to the tube size they fit, It is often mistaken that the outside diameter of the flange end of the ferrule is interpreted as the size of the tri clover, but that is not the case. Watch the video to find out more.

Monthly Statements Explained

Monthly statements can be hard to get your head around. Watch Eilish from the Accounts team go through the different components of your statement and what they mean.

Technical Tuesday: Tri Clover Expansion Ferrules Explained

An expansion ferrule can be identified by the ridges on the inside of the ferrule. It also slips over the dairy tube rather than butt welding to it like a normal ferrule. Watch Huntley explain more in the video above.

Our Range of Camlocks Explained

Camlocks are hose couplings used to rapidly connect and disconnect fittings on piping or hose. The fittings are capable of carrying liquids, powders and granules. Watch Vernon go through the range

Technical Tuesday: What are Mac Unions

The Mac Union, also known as a BSP union or threaded union, is mostly used to access BSP threaded pipework.
Mac Unions are made up of three parts; the Female-Male Union Part, Female-Female Mac Union Part and O-ring seal.

2022 April Fools: Spray Weld by The Metal Company

Sprayweld uses revolutionary chemistry to weld stainless steel in 3 simple steps, wipe, spray and tape.

✅ Purge welds in 3 easy steps.
✅ Removes the need for hot works permits.
✅ Revolutionary new technology.
✅ Fastest way to weld.

Technical Tuesday: Pipe Schedule and what this means

Pipe Schedule is the standard method to define the thickness and pressure rating of pipe. Watch Huntley explain the correlation between schedule number and thickness of pipe and other components to note.

Range of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit your pipe line configuration and are used to join it together to transfer liquids. Sinead will take you through The Metal Company’s range and show you how they work.

Technical Tuesday: What is the difference between BSP and NPT Threaded Fittings

Some sizes the threads per inch are very similar but watch Huntley explain the other differences that make the threads incompatible.

Technical Tuesday: Dairy Tube vs. General Purpose Tube

Both General Purpose and Dairy Tube look the same from the outside so what’s the difference? It’s all about the internal surface, let Huntley explain

Our Range of Flanges & their Applications

Whether it’s to connect to pipes, valves, pumps or other equipment to form a piping system. Here, Tristan will show the range of TMC’s flanges and their applications.

Technical Tuesday: 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. What is the difference?

Both offer corrosion resistance, strength, heat resistance and are easily fabricated. So, what is the real difference? Let Huntley tell you.

Technical Tuesday: Difference between Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves

Butterfly valves and ball valves are both used to control the flow of liquids and gases but they do this differently. Here you will watch how both…

2021 End of Year Video

With the holiday season coming up it has been a great time to reflect on the year. Thank you to all of our customers and their business. Now let us show you what The Metal Company crew has been up to.

Technical Tuesday: Difference between Tube and Pipe

Watch Huntley demonstrate the differences between tube and pipe. From the look and feel to the measurements needed to identify the products.

A Series and E Series Sanitary Valves Explained

Watch Patrick discuss A Series and E Series Sanitary Valves. Both are suitable for food and beverage applications and are available with butt weld, tri clover or RJT connections.

Technical Tuesday: How to differentiate between L-Port and T-Port Valves

Watch Huntley take you through the difference between the three-way valves: T-Port and L-Port and how they can divert flows.

Technical Tuesday: How to Measure a Flange

Watch Huntley take you through the measurements needed to identify the correct flange for your application and view the flange identification chart

Europress Press-Fit System is a Quick & Easy Installation here’s why

The Europress Press-fit system requires no welding, no hot works permit, decreases labour costs. Watch Jessie introduce you to Europress.

Differences between Stainless Steel Clamps and Saddles Explained

Clamps and Saddles are used with pipe, tube and Europress. Here Jay will discuss how to identify between Clamps and Saddles, the sizing and range that TMC supply.

How to identify between DIN, RJT, BSM & SMS Unions

Sanitary unions can be hard to identify between. Let Sinead show you how to differentiate between each of the DIN, RJT, BSM and SMS unions.

What are DIN Unions?

Often found in NZ on imported pumps, machinery and processing equipment. Butt welds to metric tube. Be sure to check out our DIN inch range with imperial sizing to make your install easier.

What are Tri Clover Unions?

Consisting of two ferrules and a seal which are then held together by a clamp creating a hygienic seal. TMC supply butt-welded tri clover ferrules and tri clover expansion ferrules.

What are RJT Unions?

Most commonly used sanitary union. Great for frequently dismantled sections of pipework and/or hosing for a quick disconnect. TMC supply a variety of RJT reducers and adapters.

2021 April Fools: Autonomous Drone Delivery

Now offering drone delivery. Servicing the entire company, our new delivery system will ensure you have the parts you need within 2 hours. Let us show you how it works in this video.

Pressfit RJT & Triclover Unions Explained

Find out the benefits of Pressfit RJT and Triclover Unions and why they are more secure than the standard Europress Union. Let Vernon show you how they reduce leaking in…

Our Range of Stainless Steel Hosetails

Here you will see TMC’s range of hosetails with our two distinctly different barbed and swaged hosetails which Vernon will take you through. Along with the full range of hosetail adapters.

Prefabricated Triclover Fittings Explained

Check out the range of pre-ferruled triclover fittings that will fit right into any triclover lines you have in your factory. No need for any on-site welding!

Triclover Unions Explained

Watch how to correctly measure a triclover and be taken through the range of sizing TMC supply. See what a triclover union consists of with Vernon describing each component in…

Stubbed Tube Clamps Explained

This range is stocked to suit both tube and pipe. Watch Vernon discuss the sizing, accessories and how stubbed tube clamps are used. Find out what is unique about the TMC stubbed…

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2019 April Fools: Drone Monitoring Program

Introducing The Metal Company Drone Monitoring Program. This month we are excited to release a cutting edge Drone Monitoring Program at The Metal Company. This allows us to complete our annual stock take from the comfort of the desk, check stock at random remotely from our new Drone Monitoring Unit, complete full warehouse dust inspections […]

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