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What is an expansion flange?

The stainless steel Expansion Flange is technically not in the typical flange family. This purpose designed flange is used to secure tube or piping in wall, floor and ceiling penetrations.

Commonly used in food or beverage plants, cool stores or any applications where a waterproof hygienic seal is required. The design allows for lineal expansion and contraction of pipework whilst preventing ingress or liquid to penetrate. They help to keep wall penetrations tidy so that nothing can enter into the cavity of the wall or through the wall. Expansion flanges can also stop rodents or insects entering the factory. Expansion flanges are normally screwed or riveted to a wall depending on the material.

When installing expansion flanges, silicon or any sealant can be placed behind the flange to create a watertight seal.

Flange sizes available can accommodate imperial, nominal bore, and metric tube sizes. Non-standard tube diameters can be adapted by adding a custom rubber liner.

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