NPT stands for National Pipe Thread and originates from United States. It’s a family of technical standards for screw threads to connect pipes and fittings, it is considered the American alternative to the original BSP thread from Britain.

The thread has been adopted by United States and some associated countries.  NPT is largely used in New Zealand when important turn-key systems, pumps or fittings are used which has existing NPT threads. This has increased in recent years.  Common applications for stainless steel NPT fittings in New Zealand include gas lines, food & beverage processing, pumping and machinery.

In contrast the BSP thread is used in UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia. BSP threaded fittings are one of the most used in New Zealand and are found in a variety of metals across many industries.

All our NPT threaded fittings are made to standard. We ensure products meet Manufacturing Standard Din 2999 and ISO 228/1. The NPT range is made from Stainless Steel Grade 316. This is a marine grade, which means it can be exposed to salt water or harsh outdoor conditions. The standard Pressure Rating for NPT fittings is 150lbs (1000kpa).

We stock NPT Sockets, Nipples and Adapters in different sizes. Click here to view out NPT Threaded Fittings range.