What is DIN Inch?

Firstly, let’s explain ‘DIN’. The DIN union is commonly used to connect or access pumps, machinery and processing lines. DIN fittings are scarce in New Zealand and Australia, generally speaking they belong to Europe. Even so, Kiwis and Aussies have been known to use DIN fittings on various contraptions like pumps, imported machines and process equipment.

However DIN fittings only suit DN (Diameter Nominal) tube sizes. This becomes a problem for countries that use imperial (inch) tube because DIN fittings are unable to fit suitably to imperial sizes and DN tube can be difficult to source.

For this reason, The Metal Company developed the DIN Inch Male Part and the DIN Inch Weld Liner which both consist of a DIN union that connects to imperial tube sizes. This is New Zealand and Australia’s answer to European fittings.

DIN Inch fittings can be used with a standard DIN Slotted Nut and DIN Seal.