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This business has many products under it’s belt from farming and harvesting to processing and marketing them all too. The Metal Company’s role was involved in the seafood factory supplying stainless steel tube, pipe and fittings for the treatment of waste-water from the factory. Products included the sanitary tri clover unions for easy connect/disconnect – perfect for the food and beverage industry. Cast Iron valves and ball valves were supplied to regulate the flow or shut on/off easily when needed. And of course, the press-fit system was put in place ensuring the join is the same every time and reducing installation hours and labour costs that welding has. Neck rings and galvanised backing rings were used for bolting the pipework to the pumps. These are an easy solution when you aren’t sure of the exact orientation the flanges need to be positioned at. This means more work can be done offsite and makes onsite installation easier and faster.

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