Mataura Valley Milk is based in the heart of Southland, one of the finest pastures in the world. More recently, $240 million was invested into a plant north of Gore to establish purpose-built nutrition processing with a focus on the best of ingredients, technology and people.

The plant produces premium nutritional products for the discerning China market. Mataura Valley Milk employs approximately 65 full-time staff to oversee the world-class formulations, milk storage facilities and an automated warehouse. The set up produces skim milk and whole milk powders, with cream and butter processing to be added in the future.

The Metal Company became involved in the project through suppliers and installers from Christchurch and Dunedin who were contracting to Mataura Valley Milk at the site. Test Certificates were requested for this project and The Metal Company accessed certification records to ensure these were provided.

The project has benefited the local real estate and industry, with millions invested in the construction and business planning alone. Mataura Valley Milk also invested NZD 6.5 million in Gore’s wastewater treatment system. Such investment is attributed to the global nutritional market valued at NZD 60 billion (in 2018) and continuing to grow.

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