This leading and innovative food processor business built a brand-new venison plant to add to its portfolio. A business that already taps into multiple markets and sectors including retail, food service and manufacturing.

The Metal Company supplied fittings and pipework to build the new plant to process venison and continue producing high quality meat to its markets.  TMC ball valves were incorporated into the complex pipelines to open or shut off liquids and gasses quickly. Press-Fit Systems were put in place for all of the refrigeration such as glycol refrigeration system and water systems. Being a large-scale pipe system it was the right decision as it’s an excellent labour-saving solution compared to welding – fast to complete and ability to withstand the pressures and temperature of refrigeration systems. If any breakdowns were to happen and the pipe system is wet, press fitting connections can still be completed if repairs are needed, eliminating the need to shut down the pipe system to perform any maintenance.

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