Temuka Transport isn’t just any regular transport company. From humble beginnings in the rural South Island town, Temuka Transport has grown from an ailing business to a reputable service-orientated transport provider. The owner, Rowdy Aitken, has received both an induction into the New Zealand Road Transport Hall of Fame and a Queens Service Medal for outstanding services to the community.

With a fleet of over 90 trucks, Temuka Transport manages all vehicle repairs and maintenance in-house. This enables the trucks to be regularly serviced and on top of that, Temuka can source all stainless steel replacement parts from one supplier.

The Metal Company supply stainless steel directly to the team at Temuka Transport, primarily for stainless steel tanker builds or general maintenance. Overnight delivery of the correct fittings is important to businesses like Temuka Transport, as revenue is lost every day a truck is not on the road servicing from paddock to port.

Put in the words of Temuka Transport, “The company’s unprecedented levels of service and outstanding relationships within the industry have been key to the successes achieved over the years”. This is a philosophy that The Metal Company believe in and are privileged to work alongside a company that has proved this since 1967.

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