Bossed clamps are hinged to save space for pipe works in condensed situations, however they are replaced with a saddle in smaller sizes where the hinge becomes unfeasible and in larger sizes where the saddle provides a stronger solution.

Standard bossed clamps and bossed saddles feature a 10mm metric female threaded boss in the centre of one clamp half. The boss allows pipework to be secured from a machine, floor, wall or ceiling by threading 10mm Metric Threaded Rod to a Bossed Wall Plate.

For added strength, a 12mm Metric Boss can be welded to a Plain Clamp or Plain Saddle and 12mm Metric Threaded Rod used for securing in place.

For example:

Aside from bossed clamps and saddles, pipework can be connected with a Collar Clamp which allows a 5/8” or 16mm Round Bar to be fitted inside a collar or by welding Round Bar directly to a Plain Clamp.