Bolt Set for PN10/16 Flange

Bolt Set for PN10/16 Flange

Stainless Grade 304


  • Suits Flat Face Flanges with PN10-16 Stud Pattern. Suits Tube, Pipe and Blind Flanges Bolts, Flat Washers, Spring Washers and Hex Nuts Included (1x Bolt, 2x Flat Washer, 1x Spring Washer, 1x Hex Nut Per hole) Bolt Lengths calculated for use with TMC Flat Face Light Weight flanges and 3.2mm Gasket

CodeIn Stock COST QTY Subtotal
BOLTKIT15PN10-16 $10.56
BOLTKIT20PN10-16 $10.56
BOLTKIT25PN10-16 $10.56
BOLTKIT32PN10-16 $15.56
BOLTKIT40PN10-16 $15.56
BOLTKIT50PN10-16 $15.56
BOLTKIT65PN10-16 $15.56
BOLTKIT80PN10-16 $31.12
BOLTKIT100PN10-16 $31.12
BOLTKIT125PN10-16 $32.16
BOLTKIT150PN10-16 $61.44