Valve, tri clover union, butt weld, rjt unions rjt unions, bends, pipe, butt weld, stainless steel clamps press-fit system Press-fit system

The Metal Company supplied all tube and fittings to this large honey processing facility.

The honey processing factory was upgraded and expanded requiring a mixture of Butterfly E series Valve, Europress Press-Fit system and RJTs.

Butterfly E Series Valve allows them to regulate the honey flow with its multi position handle. These were butt welded to dairy tube fittings such as bends and tees as shown in the images.

The most common threaded hygienic fitting in New Zealand – the RJT Union is shown to be used at the honey processing facility. These are typically used in factories like this due to the sanitation needed working with food. It has the seal which fills the crevice between the weld liner and the male part of the union so that the honey runs smoothly through the union.  RJT Unions are popular for frequently dismantled sections of pipework due to the ability to disconnect quickly for cleaning or working with blockages.

Suitable for nearly all environments the popular Press-Fit system is prominent here to transfer water, air and glycol around the plant. Press-Fit saves labour and the need for welding inside the factory.

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