The Tauranga-based company Kliptank, supply above ground modular storage tanks known for quick installation on site. Designed and made in New Zealand, the tank can be constructed faster than any other tank with a build time of 3-6 days.

Kliptank’s patented design includes a number of innovative custom inlet and outlet components made by The Metal Company. The specific needs of Kliptank are analysed and the common parts are accommodated into processes for ease of ordering and fabricating. This means when orders are placed, the order entry, arranging products and fabricating to design specifications can be completed seamlessly.

However, as Kliptank offers a fast on-site setup service, the demand for fabrication at short notice was unable to be provided. Therefore, The Metal Company have arranged an agreement with Kliptank allowing pre-fabrication on common parts to hold in stock for immediate dispatch. By identifying what was important to Kliptank, The Metal Company could provide value and maintain the service level Kliptank is built on.

In conjunction with tanks, Kliptank provide New Zealand’s first aerator stirring system known as KlipJet. The patented technology delivers a healthy effluent tank which improves liquid fertiliser for faster pasture growth. As with tanks, The Metal Company continue to work with Neil Peterken and the team to fabricate quality stainless steel components for the KlipJet products.

By working on these projects, The Metal Company has become directly involved with water reserve storage, wastewater tanks and effluent storage industries. Being involved with innovators and technical experts that are continually looking out for new developments is considered a privilege.

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