Expansion at Bulk Export Processing Facility


Stainless steel pipework installed by a customer at a Bulk Export Processing Facility in New Zealand.

The processing plant is operated largely around a seasonal harvest program, therefore the lines are designed to be able to close off when not in use. The transitioning point includes multiple 2pc Ball Valves and Lugged Butterfly Valves with Table E Blind Flanges to blank off for this purpose. Also, BSP non-return valves are in place to restrict backflow of the mainlines into subsidiaries.

The pipework includes both traditional sanitary tube and RJT fittings for the juice lines as well as Europress Press-Fit tube and fittings for smaller service lines. The tube is suspended off a stainless SHS Square Tube frame with Bossed and Plain Tube Clamps.

The Metal Company delivered to site for the contractors, sourced non-stocked items for the expansion project and furnished the facility with fabricated fittings pre-harvest. During the peak processing at the plant, The Metal Company crew toured the facility to check out the system in action.

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