Stainless Woven Wire Mesh

Grade 304


  • Cut to length across width only
  • A= Hole Size
  • B= Wire
  • C= Roll Width
  • D= Square per Inch
  • Not displaying in the product table? Minimise the table and select 'Learn More' to view A, B, C and D measurements.
Code In Stock Metric Size Grade ABCD Cost QTY Subtotal
SWM40808070 8x8 304 2.50.712458x8 $250.50
SWM41212050 12x12 304 1.60.5124512x12 $303.00
SWM42020037 20x20 304 0.90.37124520x20 $197.95
SWM43030027 30x30 304 0.590.27124530x30 $246.45
SWM46060016 60x60 304 0.260.16124560x60 $210.95


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