Stainless Welded Wire Mesh - Sample

Stainless Steel Grade 304


  • This Is Our 100mm Sample Piece
  • A= Internal hole size (mm)
  • B= Wire thickness (mm)
  • C= Size (mm)
  • Select 'View Dimensions' for A, B and C measurements.
Code In Stock Metric Size Grade ABC COST QTY Subtotal
SWEM4121212-SAMPLE 12.7x12.7 304 11.51.2100x100 $5.10
SWEM4181820-SAMPLE 18x18 304 162100x100 $5.10
SWEM42531224-SAMPLE 25x25 304 21.853.15100x100 $5.10
SWEM44031224-SAMPLE 40x40 304 36.853.15100x100 $5.10
SWEM45041224-SAMPLE 50x50 304 464100x100 $5.10


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