Press-Fit Green FKM O-Ring

FKM Viton


  • Green FKM viton rubber is used for seals on press-fit fittings to suit compressed air or resistance to temperature and chemicals. Also known as Fluoroelastomer.
  • Viton is a synthetic rubber suitable for higher temperatures and restricting permeation of chemicals. It is suitable for working temperatures between -20°C and +180°C.
Code In Stock Metric Size Grade COST QTY Subtotal
UOR15V 15 FKM $1.98
UOR22V 22 FKM $2.49
UOR28V 28 FKM $3.06
UOR35V 35 FKM $4.27
UOR42V 42 FKM $6.82
UOR54V 54 FKM $7.46


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