DIN Seal

Nitrile (NBR)


  • Nitrile (NBR) seal temperature rating 120°C
  • Nitrile is suitable for oils, hydrocarbon fuels, hydraulic fluids, fats, and flame retardant liquids
Code In Stock Metric SizeAB Cost QTY Subtotal
DINSS10 DN10204.5 $3.78
DINSS15 DN15265 $3.78
DINSS20 DN20335 $4.50
DINSS25 DN25405 $4.30
DINSS32 DN32465 $4.50
DINSS40 DN40525 $4.70
DINSS50 DN50645 $5.52
DINSS65 DN65815 $6.34
DINSS80 DN80956 $10.11
DINSS100 DN1001146 $12.56


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